Welcome to the Night City Map (circa 2022)!

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Just hover your mouse over any location on the map. It should show you the name and some information about that location. [NOTE: THIS SECTION IS STILL UNDER DEVELOPMENT!]

Night City Map
City Hall
City Library
City Museum
Hall of Justice
Marcini's: A large, expensive department store where you can find almost any luxury item.
Raven Microcyb
Arasaka Tower
Eurobusiness Machines
Network 54 Offices
Plaza Business Tower (96 stories of assorted businesses)
West City Tower (88 stories of assorted businesses)
WNS Offices
Orbital Air Offices
Merrill, Asukaga, & Fitch
The Twilight Zone
1st Night City Bank
Grandmill's (large, expensive department store)
Totentanz: When the owner of this bar named his bar Deathdance, he didn't know how right he would be. A dance hall/bar housed on the top floor of an old skyscraper, this bar is well-known for a place to find Boostergangs. They all seem to congregate here, but they don't come to dance for the pleasure of it. It's considered a bad night if the body count is under twenty.
WorldSat Communications
Hotel Hamilton: A fairly modern hotel, known for its excellent security.
Highcourt Plaza Hotel: A very classy hotel featuring glass elevators, excellent service, and a 1920s decor.
Trauma Team Offices
Industrial Park
City Medical Center
REO Meatwagon Offices
Atlantis: A classic "fern bar," known as a hangout for Corporates and Solos looking for jobs. A favorite of Mephistopholes, a local fixer.
Jesse James' Non-Kosher Deli: While this may sound like an ideal place to eat, no food is ever served here. The Deli is a bar that was constructed in an old police station. Due to several unforeseen "accidents," you must register your personal weapons at the door and use the safe ones that are provided for you at the bar. There is a nightly contest to see who can get the highest body count in five minutes.
The Outer Limits (club)
Rainbow Nights: Rainbow Nights is more of a dance club than a bar. Its main attraction is a big dancefloor that is almost always crowded. Every night there is a live band, usually a bunch of no names. They occasionally draw big acts like Johnny Silverhand and Kerry Eurodyne, but only under aliases.
Medical Technologies
City Police Precinct #1
Short Circuit: The Short Circuit is one of many bars in Night City. Like most of them, this bar has its regulars, who seem to mostly be Netrunners and Techs.
City College
Savage Doc's
City Police Precinct #2
Night Owl: One of the few bars that is open all night. This is a heavy security, no-nonsense bar. You come here to drink when nothing else is open.
West City Bank
Crisis Medical Center: A no-questions-asked medical center for fast patchups.
Café Chrome: A favorite Rocker hangout, complete with 50s retro decor and jukebox.
MetalStorm: A dangerous Chromer bar.
Medicross Preservation
The Slammer: Well-known among Boostergangs as a place to settle disputes peacefully. If that doesn't work, the arena is there to settle them violently. The owner, Suds Juliet, also runs betting booths and occasionally rents out the arena for other events.
Camden Court: High security condos favored by Solos and Corpos. Rent is 3000eb a month.
McCartney Field Stadium: Main concert venue and home of the Night City Rangers, the local football team.
City Police Precinct #2
Wing Chang: Exclusive Chinese restaurant.
La Baguette: Very trendy French cuisine.
Hari Kari: Sushi Bar
New Harbor Shopping Mall
Grand Illusion (dance club)
The Afterlife: This bar is located in an old mortuary in Night City. Consisting of three rooms, The Ante-Chamber, the Crypt, and Hades, this bar is a favorite among solos that are currently between jobs. If you need to find armed help, this is the place to go.
Night City Fire Station #1
Lake Park Bandstand
28th St. Park
28th Street Underpass
Night City Fire Station #2
Bodukkan Performance Center
Forlorn Hope (a Central American Vet bar)